"Solutions for on-site machining"

We have the expertise and knowledge to design and manufacture on-site portable machines, providing our clients reliable engineering solutions at the work-site.

Our objective is to ensure the plants availability, optimize the equipment performance and efficiency
in order to increase the plant productivity and maintain the economical targets.

Ideal for new construction projects, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs,
our machines are developed to work in remote locations
reducing the need for clients to ship equipment out for repair and significantly reducing both downtime and cost.


Steelworks – Food – Pressure vessels – Paper Mill – Chemical and Petrochemicals – Power – Pharmaceutical
Metal Foundries – Oil&Gas – Hot forging – Cold forging – Naval – Transportation

Specialized maintenance directly on site


EUREKA Machines are designed on more than 30 years of experience in the field of industrial specialized maintenance. We offer customized solutions upon customer’s needs.



Over the years, a Design Office was created in-house for Research&Development of new applications for the use of increasingly high-performance portable machines.

Thanks to the transversal experience acquired in various industrial sectors, we are able to design and manufacture dedicated equipment for specialized applications.


Every project and design is realized by specialized technicians involved in lifelong learning: in this way, we guarantee the use of newest technologies, for an excellent efficiency.



Safety comes first.
All the machines we produce are designed and made with high safety standards.

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